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Spherical turning attachmentfor the Sherline lathe

I made this tool few years ago. It is based loosely on a design in the book Improvements & accessories for your lathe by J.A Radford. I didn't make any plans or drawings as I was (am) to lazy for that. I hope nevertheless that people get the idea.

DSC00023.jpg - 20536 Bytes

DSC00024.jpg - 22439 Bytes

DSC00025.jpg - 18981 Bytes

Below are some closeups of how the size of the sphere is adjusted.

DSC00026.jpg - 17759 Bytes

DSC00324.jpg - 19555 Bytes

DSC00326.jpg - 21912 Bytes

Here you see the the sliding parts togeter. Note the light dimple in the rightmost part. It is a set screew that has a hollow end with small piece of plastic. This part mates with the leadscreew.

DSC00327.jpg - 26372 Bytes

Finally, here is my close-up lens ringligt combo. You may have seen it under another name, serving another purpose, but this setup works surprizingly well.