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Holddown clamps for Sherline vice

I have meant to make these holdown clamps for long time the reasoning being that larger contact area would reduce the risk of slippage. One of my first mistake was to overthighten and conseqeently deformig the mill bed. The calmps are made from 20m square stock about 70mm long. I had previously drilled and countersunk the screw holes. The pictures below show themilling sequence. I'm using my Sherline 5100 mill that I finalized cncing only few day ago. This is my first actual milling. I'm only using MDI though.

Here you can see how the profile is meant to be.

Start of milling.


Milling the other side.

One piece finished.

Seen from the other side. The other piece is identical.

Here the first clamp is tried for fit.


The clamps holding the vice.

Flosi Gu­mundsson 20.01.12