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Metalworking and CNC

First when I started this page, it was just few links I had gathered about metalworking. I then added a page with few of my own creations. Now, as the number of the links are growing, I decided to split the link page in few parts.

My first and to this day only engine, a LTD Stirling

My intention from the start was to CNC the mill. It took me considerable longer time than I thought. Here are some pictures I took.

Some smaller projects, mostly handtools.

Spherical turning attachmentfor the Sherline lathe

After a long interlude I have started work on this homepage. Earlier this month I set up a computer with the newest incarnation of EMC2. Everything is working wonderfully nd the next step is learning to make this work. I'm using EMC2 as a gcode interpreter running on Linux. I have mostly been using MDI and handcoded gcode. Next step is to master CAD. I tried some free Linux software like Acad and DraftSight but don't like them as they are just Autocad clones. Then I found Solid Edge 2d, which is free too. That is a totally different thing. The learning curve is almost downward. The CAM I'm trying and consider buying is D2NC.

Holddown clmps for milling vice Added 20.1.12 First suchessful and useful thing I mill with CNC.

Flosi Gu­mundsson

Corrections and sugestions are of course welcome.

Updated 11.05.05