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Metalworking links

Ty's Projects Page
Stan Cotreau's Projects page
Chris Heapy's homepage with information on anodizing, telescope making, accessories for the lathe, etc.
Metalwork and Electronics
Dan Hartman's homepage with subjects like Styrofoam cutting and Lost Foam sand casting just to name few.
Guy Lautard.Com
Machinists Books & Supplies: Lathes, Milling, Drills, Gunsmithing and Clock making
Lots of information.
The Hobby Home Page of Don E. Jones
Some interesting ways of setting up the Sherline
Bill Smith homepage. Famous for his many shop manuals, videos and plans for making clocks. I have one shop manual and it is fantastic, to put it mildly.
Clock Builder's Homepage Featuring the work of John B. Shadle Certified Master Clockmaker. Detailed instructions for making single point cutters for "wheels". You can also follow his progress in making a clock online.
Marv Klotz's Utilities: home shop, mathematical and utility software
Home Metal Shop Club Interesting projects no name few things.
Two homepages on making view cameras, mostly of wood.
Rudolf Mittelmenn in Austria
Jon Grepstad in Norway
A Japanese page on knifemaking.
Dean Williams homepage
Lots of steam engines and one Stirling. Dean offers inexpensive plans for those engines designed by himself.
Jerry's Web page for Stationary Steam Engines

Collected by Flosi Gudmundsson.

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