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More projects

Here are few things that I have made since 2005 when I last updated tis hompage

P1240552 (74K) Three toolposts made from 30mm square stock. From left to right: 6mm and 1/4" round. The tool shown is Glanze boring tool made in India. 10mm and 3/8" round with Chinese boring tool. 5/16" square tool.

P1240553 (71K)
Stainless steel hammer with plasic and brass head.

P1240554 (88K)
Closup of same hammer.

P1240555 (70K)
Toolmakers reamers from silver steel. 5mm, 6mm, 1/4" and 3/8". Still unhardened.

P1240556 (89K) Gearcutter arbor with 0.5 module cutters from

P1240557 (71K)
Closup of the gearcutter. The blank used is from GLR UK.

Flosi Gu­mundsson 24.01.12