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Few pictures of the final steps in the CNC conversion of my Sherline mill

DSC00196.jpg - 24510 Bytes

The frame is made of 10mm al and the sides are 2mm.

DSC00236.jpg - 29246 Bytes

Milling cutouts for connectors.

DSC00237.jpg - 39466 Bytes

The power supply is made two 2x18V toroids, four 20A Diode bridges and four 10.000uF caps. The drivers are L197 an L198.

DSC00269.jpg - 30134 Bytes

First milling of plasic. Didn't go to well.

DSC00270.jpg - 25434 Bytes

DSC00272.jpg - 38025 Bytes

First miling of al. Much nicer.

DSC00278.jpg - 41915 Bytes

Broder view.

DSC00280.jpg - 44659 Bytes

After cleaning the chips, everything looks nice. Tolerences and finish are another thing.